About us

  M&R Harvest is a small market farm growing a diverse mix of tasty and nutritious produce in South Berwick, Maine. We tend only a couple acres of fields, but on that land we grow over 30 different kinds of vegetables, in addition to herbs and flowers. We supply produce directly to customers through our self-serve farm stand, Kittery Community market, and our Full Pantry Club for bulk produce, as well as a few small wholesale accounts. 




Maggie is the captain at the helm of M&R Harvest. She hails from Massachusetts, where she previously managed Brookwood Community Farm. Maggie’s pre-farming background in ecology helped spark her interest in sustainable agriculture, and still drives her experimenting and problem solving in the field. Plus, she loves looking at weird bugs.

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Rob is a native of New Jersey, where he began his farm training in earnest before working his way north and east through New England at a number of small farms. He has presided over vegetables, livestock, grains, fruit, ornery old tractors, and farm apprentices. He can usually be found picking vegetables early in the morning while trying not to spill his coffee.