Our Produce

We grow a wide range of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and specialty produce for the Kittery Community Market and our self-serve roadside stand in South Berwick. Our vegetable varieties are selected for their exceptional quality and flavor. Everything is harvested fresh for market, and at peak ripeness. We pride ourselves in supplying customers with a broad range of healthy, just-picked, sustainably grown produce.

We use no conventional chemicals, and are constantly searching for tools and growing techniques that reduce our impact on the land, while also improving the yield and quality of the food we harvest. Our commitment to ecological production means reducing our impact on the environment, and no pesticide or herbicide residues on your food. 

Our fields are full of crops for people, but also cover crops to feed the soil that we depend on, as well as crops to support local pollinators. As stewards of the land we farm, we aim to build soil fertility, enhance ecological diversity, and protect our farm's natural resources. Read more about what we’re growing and how we grow it on our blog.